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Joyn Ivy | ref. 102


Space divider, curtain, wall art.


Joyn’s summer version

Joyn is a hexagonal module that can easily be joined together to create colorful and light surfaces. It could be used as space divider or as window and wall decoration. The only limit of Joyn it’s your creativity!

Installing Joyn is easy and intuitive. A support structure is not needed, it hangs from a steel cable or a bar using the supporting pieces included in the pack.


Module dimensions: 236x301x0,5 mm

1 set = 30 modules

Material: Polypropylene

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona

Assembly required


Items included in package: 30 Joyn Ivy pieces, 4 supporting pieces, assembly instructions.
Packaging dimensions: 245x300x16 mm
Packed product weight: 380 g
Care: Water cleaning. Eventually UV rays can damage after a time the pigmentation of the polypropylene color.