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Tobo | ref. 160


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Toilet paper dispenser


Tobo started from the observation of a badly resolved aesthetically practice: using toilet paper as napkin or tissue paper. Being out of their usual context, creates something unattractive and unsophisticated.

Tobo is a support that enwraps the toilet paper to use it where it suits us.
Why not giving other uses to toilet paper? It's cost effective and green!


Dimensions: 128x126x126 mm

Material: Ceramic


Designed and manufactured in Barcelona

Delta Awards Selection 2011.


Items included in package: 1 Tobo.
Packaging dimensions: 160x145x145 mm
Packed product weight: 760 g
Water cleaning. Tobo is an authentic artisan piece created by hand in Barcelona. Slight imperfections may be visible on the surface which make the product unique and add to its charm. You'll never find two Tobos alike.